EHR (Electronic Health Record) Training

Health Information Systems/Services offers EHR (Electronic Health Record) Training. This training will provide new employees with a basic introduction to the EHR, the Brody School of Medicine’s Electronic Health Record. Hands on practice and additional training will need to be completed through the individual clinics once the employee returns to his/her work area.

HIS/S EHR Orientation classes are held as follows:

  • Providers: The 1st and 3rd Wednesday (8am – 4pm) of every month.
  • Clinical Staff: The 1st and 3rd Thursday (8am – 4pm) of every month.

Training days may vary due to holidays. These classes take place in conjunction with BSOM New Employee Orientation. (The length of classes varies depending on the number of participants, level of access, etc.)

  • 2023 New Hire Dates and New Employee Orientation Schedule (PDF)
  • ECUP EHR Training: Instructor led, hands-on training taught by the Clinical Applications Training Team of Health Information Systems/Services. Participants will learn how to access and navigate the electronic health record (EHR), review patient charts, document patient encounters, and communicate with other providers and staff using InBasket. At the end of the session, participants will be required to sign an ECUP EHR User Agreement.
  • New Employees Required to Attend ECUP EHR Training: Any employee who will be documenting in the patient chart including but not necessarily limited to: Providers, Extenders, RNs, MOAs/NAs, Social Workers, Nutritionists, and Pharmacists.
  • To Register for EHR Training: Employee’s Supervisor or Authorized individual should submit a Team Dynamix Request. This request is the mechanism through which you may enter all of the specifics for the new staff account. Other items that are necessary within the request are as follows: Name, DOB mm/dd (please do not provide year), title, department, department phone number, Mirror – who currently in the position has the access in which you are requesting (must be active employee), ECU email address, and start date.
  • Please allow 7 to 10 working days for the processing of all requests. Employees will receive their User ID and Password through their ECU Email Account.
  • EHR Orientation “View Only”: Introduction and Access is conducted and completed through the Blackboard training portal. “View Only” access allows employees to view patient records, schedules, and InBasket. New Employees that should attend “View Only” training include all non-provider staff; Clinical Support Staff, Call Center Staff, Research Techs, etc.